Boots, Birds, and Binocs... Peru 2011
Today was the first day that it started to sink in that we were really leaving. We started in San Pedro and ended in Cusco...and at first it kind of felt like we were going backwards. Or like when you walk in a restaurant and pick your seat based on which way its facing, and when you're stuck with the wrong one and it feels kind of off. It felt like sitting in the wrong-facing chair. Otherwise it was a pretty standard traveling day. We birded some in the cloud forest, and besides that rode on the bus. We stopped for lunch at an awesome place in the mountains- it was used by the ancient Incas as a place for storing food. There were lots of small building-structures with only one small window, which were basically Incan refrigerators. We hung out for a while, and then headed on. Once we got to the city we dropped off Alex and went back to the same hostel that we had stayed at before (going backwards again). It was really nice to hang out and get hot showers and put on semi-clean clothes. Then we all met up at an Irish pub on the plaza- great food, great to reminisce with everyone, and a great way to go out on the last night. 

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