Boots, Birds, and Binocs... Peru 2011

Going home.

6/26/2011 00:00:00


As they rounded that final turn and boarded their flight, the group was split for the first time in 27 days. Now, only Allie and I remain. As I sit, I am tempted to reflect over the memories of the trip. No longer thinking about the land, nature, or cities we saw, my thoughts wander to the relationships I have developed over my time spent in Peru. Thinking even as far back to our first meeting as a group in Dr. Silman’s office, I have been going through my encounters and thoughts about everyone on the trip. At that first meeting, I recall being unsure about where I would fit in. I was the only non-bio or non-history major and I didn’t know anyone else who going. I remember Matt having a glove filled with water (which I found quite bizarre), not learning anything about the trip, and looking at some really cool pictures of a jaguar. As I left, I thought they all had gotten more out of the meeting than I had and was sure I was going to be the confused one the entire trip. Yet, as I later discovered, we were all in the same boat. All very confused, but all very excited and looking forward to an adventure in Peru. My thoughts then go to the day we left, when I first met Sanders and Allie in the airport in Atlanta. As we began to discuss what we had packed and how far we had read into our Neotropical Companions, we began to build a friendship  

I am thinking about arriving at the airport and never getting my bag, keeping everyone waiting and the confusion as I made my awkward introductions to the rest of the group. I am thinking about that first night I spent with Mary Alyce and many more memories throughout my time in Peru.

As I sit I began to realize that beyond all the wonderful lessons about Peru and about biology, I was surrounded by a wonderful group of people. Not just the students, but the professors, and Alex, and Chique and Orlando, and Merci, and Jessica and  Roni and even  Zoey all contributed greatly to my time in Peru.

I want to thank everyone for a wonderful month in Peru! It was the trip of a life time, one I will not soon forget.


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