Boots, Birds, and Binocs... Peru 2011
Location: Wayquecha

Long day today. They all have been quite long actually and I'm starting to feel the fatigue from all the traveling. We woke up at 6AM today and hopped on the bus from Machu Picchu to Wayquecha for a total travel time of +10hrs. We stopped in a little town to have a "es-nack" which was filling. I had a pork sandwich that reminded me of Puerto Rico. I bought some detergent to wash my clothes which I haven't done yet... :S. The town had a more country-feel and I definitely felt that I was seeing more of an authentic Peru, rather than all the tourist-attractions and metropolitan areas.
    Beyond that point, the bus ride was the scariest method of travel I have ever experienced. Driving on the sides of mountains of up to +4000 meters above sea level on a dirt road with muddy slick patches. Not to mention the width of the road was barely wider than the bus. This made my stomach turn in every which way. I won't go into anymore detail but I know this experience was one of the least pleasant I'll probably have on this entire trips. Thank you Lord for getting us here safely.
    Wayquecha is located in Manu National Park, a large designated area for conservation. So, we are now getting into the rainforest part of the trip. Anxious excited is what I feel right about now. I'm ready to see more animal life after the time spent in the desert. I have seen so many types of birds, it's almost too much. I honestly like it though. I'm starting to really get a hang of tracking them down with the binos.
    We got to our lodges surrounded by a foggy atmosphere. Right off of the bus, guess what we did? You guessed it, bird watched. 2-3 hour walk... it really is nice to walk around in this place. No people, just nature. Awesomeness. Upon our return to the lodges, the roomies and I found out that the sewage was backed-up... probably Sanders. I think he has some stomach bacteria, maybe virus. During dinner we saw a presentation by a researcher who photographs orchids. Beautiful stuff. Following that, we started watching a documentary on the Shining Path, a terrorist group who's communist beliefs infected most of Peru during the 1980's. Tomorrow, wake-up time at 3:30AM. +14km hike... Can't wait...
¡Hasta mañana!


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