Boots, Birds, and Binocs... Peru 2011
Location:  Cocha Cashu

            On our early morning hike, I saw several species of monkey and several capuchins.  We also found lemons in the jungle, and we made jungle lemonade from them!  Shortly after lunch, Dr. Silman gathered over a dozen species of plants and lianas.  For class, we determined the species of each using the resources and books available to us.  As a class, we only misidentified one species.

            For history, we concluded Fitzcarraldo.  While the discussion about the movie is tomorrow, the movie seems to be another romantically inspired vision of the Amazon.  While Fitzcarraldo had noble intentions, he was still carrying out the “White Man’s Burden” by exposing the natives to Western culture and beliefs.  We had catfish to eat today – it was my first time eating this!  It was delicious!-N. Ashburn

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