Boots, Birds, and Binocs... Peru 2011
Last full day in Cocha Cashu. Spent the morning putting out the last round of leaves for our experiment. Today Mary Alyce came with us to take pictures of the ants. She also took a video too, which was awesome. We definitely needed to document them- proof of their unreasonable angriness?
Paige, Audrey, Emily, and I went hiking in the afternoon. We follwed some loud noises, and ended up chasing spider monkeys for a while. But they are like super-fast little ninjas and we lost them before too long.
Tonight we had a bonfire down on the beach and watched the stars. We drank masato, which is supposed to be beer but actually tastes more like unrefrigerated apple sauce. Or alcoholic baby food. Maybe not my favorite drink ever. And somehow I ended up DJing. The YMCA was a hit for a while, and kudos to Brad for totally bridging any international dance barriers by demonstrating the Soulja Boy, but dance music isn't really my strong spot, and I put on a more chill playlist after a while (located, conveniently, below). But the stars were amazing! There were just tons and tons of them, and the Milky Way was totally clear. But the best was when a huge meteor shot across the sky. So incredible! 

Bonfire Music

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