Boots, Birds, and Binocs... Peru 2011
This afternoon, we all went down to the beach for an intense game of futbol. It was the Amigos (featuring Paige) vs. the Gringos. Emily and I acted as photographers. A lot of sand flew and the Peruvians came out with a 8-2 win. The game ended with a swim in the river. If they play again tomorrow, I’m definitely joining. Next came group bath time in the lake—arguably the best time of the day. The water is cool and feels so nice after a long DEET sweat day. Little green-headed lizards dash back and forth to their holes as we walk down to the dock. 

Before dinner, we discussed the disappearance and repopulation of the white lipped peccary in Cocha Cashu. It’s fascinating that a species can go locally extinct for twelve years with no apparent reason. I wonder if it’s because they follow some nomadic trend, as Dr. Silman suggested. That would be a really interesting long term study to perform. 

After dinner we watched the film, Iracema. Cited as a foreign film, Brazil banned the movie for years. The plot works in a documentary style, and follows a young girl’s decline of body and future in the face of the mahogany industry. A clear Fall from Grace metaphor works throughout the film. The audience first sees Iracema innocent but tempted by material goods. She soon begins a decline that is paralleled by the decline of the environment. Man, is portrayed through truck drivers, who offer little advice or warmth toward the problems created for either Iracema or Nature. It’s easy to see that the constant references to Eden in relation to the Amazon are firmly rooted in the global perception of the place.
-mary alyce

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