Boots, Birds, and Binocs... Peru 2011
Today we left Manu, boarding the boat in the morning, boarding a bus in the afternoon, and reaching San Pedro by night. Being away from Cocha Cashu for a full day has brought mixed emotions. The travel has given us plenty of time to reflect on our stay, bringing about all sort and manner of nostalgia. It isn't an experience which will soon be forgotten, or ever be forgotten for that matter. As we bounced down the road, bruising our kidneys and bananas, I couldn't help but miss my tent, dinners with the spiders, and of course the view of the stars from the canoe on a still lake. At the same time, however, departure is a bit exciting. The promise of a hot shower, seeing friends and family, and Taco Bell contribute to the feeling, but even more so is the promise of an opportunity to pass on what has happened to us here. We have discussed, time and again, plans for our return, what we will do, and how we will bring what we have seen back. An absolutely miniscule number of people will ever be able to see what we have, and that in an of itself is almost enough to begin convincing people that this is something worth saving. Thousands of pictures and thousands of words can't hurt, either. My return marks the beginning of my chance to do what I can to preserve the wonderful places on this Earth which have gone largely untouched by people, whether you call it wilderness or just something worth saving. So, despite the obligate sadness felt when leaving a place this... well, magical seems a fitting adjective, if not a bit cliche, I can rest assured that it stands as a beginning to something much more important than my own experience.


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